Secure Memory Care Household Eureka, MO

Our Secure Memory Care Household

When a loved one's memory loss symptoms intensify, they pose a risk. The ability to identify signs of dementia and Alzheimer's early can help reduce the disease from spreading.

St. Andrew's at Francis Place helps ensure that our team members engage with our residents in a meaningful way through companionship, engaging activities, and a variety of programs to help seniors thrive. St. Andrew's also provides fresh, quality meals, as opposed to to unhealthy options associated with outdated nursing homes -- which have proven to contribute to memory loss.

Our Secure Memory Care Household is dedicated to familiarity; a home-like environment, an open-floor arrangement, and safe surroundings that prevent falls and unease. More practically, the security measures prevent wandering.

The transition from a senior's home to a nursing community can be a tough and emotional decision. Later in life, making multiple moves can cause stress and confusion; which is why St. Andrew's at Francis Place is proud to be equipped with both an award-winning skilled nursing program and a secure memory care unit. The more we can prevent distress, the less likely loved ones are prone to depression -- a major contributor to dementia in seniors.

"I am so proud of the efforts of our Memory Care team. The gentle, supportive care our residents experiencing symptoms of dementia and Alzheimer's receive is truly special. I always tell people, to work with so many young, talented caring professionals who dedicate their careers to improving the lives of the elderly warms my heart more than anything."
- Julie Waterhouse
Alzheimers Care St. Louis