Short-Term Medicare Rehabilitation

At St. Andrew's at Francis Place, you’ll receive the highest standard of rehabilitation care & services to help you get back to your routine and independent life as quickly as possible. Our focus is on the health and wellness of the entire person. Social, emotional, rehabilitation, and wellness efforts help seniors achieve their most fulfilling and independent lifestyle.

Our 5-Star Commitment to Rehabilitation

Revitalize Enhance Nurture Empower Wellness

  • Revitalize: We are committed to helping you make that important transition a seamless one through excellent communication and highly trained caring staff.
  • Enhance: Since everyone’s road to recovery is unique, we will design a customized care plan that addresses your individual needs. Our multidisciplinary team will be there for you around the clock.
  • Nurture: We understand that recovery is hard work. But our dedicated caring staff will be there every step of the way to guide you on your journey. Think of us as your cheerleader, coach, and support system, all in one. We also have a full time Chaplin and services of all faiths.
  • Empower: During your stay with us, you will work closely with our RNs, program directors, therapists, social workers, and others. This is a partnership and we assist you to find your inner strength – keeping your best interests at heart while helping you meet your recovery goals and getting you back to the lifestyle you enjoy.
  • Wellness: We also want you to feel special during your short stay with us. We are warm, friendly, and accommodating, and will work tirelessly to provide you with anything you need. Our top-tier culinary team is happy to prepare your favorite meal. We will gladly arrange outings for you, or even pick up your favorite magazine. And of course, we’re always there to share a laugh and a smile – or talk about the grandkids or your favorite sports team.

Our Rehabilitative Care Offers:

St. Andrew's at Francis Place rehabilitative programs help seniors reach their full potential, often enabling them to return to their homes. Rehabilitation specialists encourage each patient as they work toward recovery from illness, surgery, or injuries. Our team of experienced professionals create individualized treatment programs specifically designed for the full recovery of each patient. We utilize physical, occupational, and speech therapies; most are Medicare-approved.


  • Pain Management.
  • Restore daily living functions.
  • Holistic approach to physical medicine.

Physical Therapists

  • Strengthening and mobility.
  • Balance and gait training, ambulation.
  • Transfer techniques.

Occupational Therapists

  • Activities of daily living.
  • Fine motor skills and eating skills.
  • Splinting and positioning.
  • Upper body strength and mobility

Speech-Language Pathologists

  • Communication skills.
  • Cognitive retraining.
  • Swallowing skills.

Respiratory Therapy

  • Pulmonary rehab.
  • Restore daily living functions.
  • Trach care, o2 therapy, C-PAP, Bi-PAP.

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